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Greek Word for Powerful Woman

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Greek Word for Powerful Woman

(Greek Word – English Phonics – Meaning)

υπεύθυνος – ypéfthynos – Accountable

φοβερο – fovero – Amazing

φιλόδοξος – filódoxos – Ambitious

κακός – kakós – Badass

πανεμορφη – panemorfi – Beautiful

γενναίος – gennaíos – Brave


ικανός – ikanós – Capable

γοητευτικός – goiteftikós – Charming

αριστοκρατικό – aristokratikó – Classy

έξυπνος – éxypnos – Clever

ικανός – ikanós – Competent

βέβαιος – vévaios – Confident

διακριτικός – diakritikós – Considerate

δημιουργικός – dimiourgikós – Creative

αξιόπιστος – axiópistos – Dependable

προσδιορίζεται – prosdiorízetai – Determined

αφιερωμένος – afieroménos – Devoted

πειθαρχημένος – peitharchiménos – Disciplined

οδηγείται – odigeítai – Driven

μορφωμένος – morfoménos – Educated

αποτελεσματικός – apotelesmatikós – Efficient

ενθουσιώδης – enthousiódis – Enthusiastic

έμπειρος – émpeiros – Experienced

χαριτωμένος – charitoménos – Graceful

σκληρά εργαζόμενος – sklirá ergazómenos – Hardworking


ανεξάρτητος – anexártitos – Independent

με επιρροή – me epirroí – Influential

εμπνευστικός – empnefstikós – Inspirational

έξυπνος – éxypnos – Intelligent

γνώστης – gnóstis – Knowledgeable

προσεκτικός – prosektikós – Mindful

παρακινημένος – parakiniménos – Motivated

ανοιχτομυαλος – anoichtomyalos – Open-minded

οργάνωσε – orgánose – Organized

παθιασμένος – pathiasménos – Passionate

υπομονετικος – ypomonetikos – Patient

επίμονος – epímonos – Persevering

επίμονος – epímonos – Persistent

θετικός – thetikós – Positive

ισχυρός – ischyrós – Powerful

πραγματιστική – pragmatistikí – Pragmatic

επαγγελματίας – epangelmatías – Professional

ακριβής – akrivís – Punctual

αξιόπιστος – axiópistos – Reliable

αξιοσημείωτος – axiosimeíotos – Remarkable

ελαστικός – elastikós – Resilient

σεβαστός – sevastós – Respected

υπεύθυνος – ypéfthynos – Responsible

επιδέξιος – epidéxios – Skillful

έξυπνος – éxypnos – Smart

ζωηρός – zoirós – Spirited

ισχυρός – ischyrós – Strong

επιτυχής – epitychís – Successful

ταλαντούχος – talantoúchos – Talented

επίμονος – epímonos – Tenacious

προσεκτικός – prosektikós – Thoughtful

σκληρός – sklirós – Tough

αξιόπιστος – axiópistos – Trustworthy.

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What Is The True Meaning Of ‘Kyria’?

When it comes to religious terms, there are often many different interpretations of what they mean. This is certainly the case with the term “Kyria”. While it is commonly used in reference to God, there is much debate about what the true meaning of the word is.

Some believe that Kyria is simply a female version of the word “Lord”, and thus refers to God as a woman.

Others believe that it has more to do with respect and honor, and is not specifically tied to any gender. Still others believe that it is an ancient Greek word that has been misinterpreted over time.

The truth is, there is no one correct answer when it comes to the meaning of Kyria. It is a term that can be interpreted in many different ways, depending on one’s own beliefs and understanding.

What is the Greek Word for Powerful Women?

In ancient Greece, the word for powerful women was actually quite empowering. The term “kratos” was used to denote a woman’s power, and it was often associated with positive attributes like bravery and strength. Today, many modern Greek women are reclaiming this term as a way to celebrate their own power and accomplishments.

There is no one definitive answer to the question of what the Greek word for powerful women is. However, in recent years, the term “kratos” has been increasingly used to describe strong and accomplished women.

This word has its roots in ancient Greece, where it was originally used to denote a woman’s power. Today, many Greek women are reclaiming this term as a way to celebrate their own strength and achievements.

Conclusion Points

The Greek word for powerful woman is “kratos.” This word expresses the personality of a woman who is strong and capable. She is someone who can handle whatever comes her way and is not afraid to take on challenges. This word is often used to describe political leaders or other women in positions of power.

In conclusion, this article was very helpful in teaching about the Greek word for powerful woman and how it can express personality. Please write on the comment box below if you found this article helpful. Thank you for reading!

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