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words in greek language

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  • The – ο – o
  • Of – του – tou
  • To – προς την – pros tin
  • And – και – kai
  • A – ένα – éna
  • In – σε – se
  • Is – είναι – eínai
  • It – το – to
  • You – εσείς – eseís
  • That – ότι – óti

Shop In Greek Language Κατάστημα (Katástima)

Sentence – Αγοράστε σεντόνια, κουβέρτες και παπλώματα στα καταστήματα ειδών ειδών που χρησιμοποιείτε για να τα χρησιμοποιήσετε ως τραπεζομάντιλα και καλύμματα παραθύρων.

Read In English – Agoráste sentónia, kouvértes kai paplómata sta katastímata eidón eidón pou chrisimopoieíte gia na ta chrisimopoiísete os trapezomántila kai kalýmmata parathýron.

Meaning In English – Shop your thrift stores for sheets, blankets, and quilts to use as tablecloths and window coverings.

Kalispera In Greek Καλησπέρα (Kalispéra)

Sentence – Έτσι, σήμερα, μια μέρα με στάση στο σπίτι, ολοκληρώθηκε με μια ευχάριστη καλησπέρα ψυχαγωγίας εξαιρετικής ποιότητας.

Read In English – Étsi, símera, mia méra me stási sto spíti, olokliróthike me mia efcháristi kalispéra psychagogías exairetikís poiótitas.

Meaning In English – So, today, a stop-at-home day, was topped off by a jolly good evening of prime quality entertainment.

Istanbul In Greek Κωνσταντινούπολη (Konstantinoúpoli)

Sentence – Ταξίδευα με ένα τρένο από την Κωνσταντινούπολη προς το Βελιγράδι, όπου μου έκλεψαν το διαβατήριο αφού διέσχισα τα βουλγαρικά σύνορα.

Read In English – Taxídeva me éna tréno apó tin Konstantinoúpoli pros to Veligrádi, ópou mou éklepsan to diavatírio afoú diéschisa ta voulgariká sýnora.

Meaning In English – I was travelling on a sleeper train from Istanbul to Belgrade where my passport was stolen after crossing the Bulgarian border.

Iesous In Greek Ιησούς (Iisoús)

Sentence – Με άλλα λόγια, ο σταυρός δεν είναι άλλο από το να ταυτίζεται ο Ιησούς με τον πόνο μας, να συμμετάσχει στο πάθος του.

Read In English – Me álla lógia, o stavrós den eínai állo apó to na taftízetai o Iisoús me ton póno mas, na symmetáschei sto páthos tou.

Meaning In English – In other words, the cross is no more than Jesus identifying with our suffering, sharing in the pathos of it.

Peter In Greek Language Πέτρος (Pétros)

Sentence – Ο Λόρδος Πέτρος και ο μαρτυρικός, αιολικός, γαϊδουροκεφαλή Τζακ, που είναι κάτι παραπάνω από σκίτσα ή αφαιρέσεις.

Read In English – O Lórdos Pétros kai o martyrikós, aiolikós, gaïdourokefalí Tzak, pou eínai káti parapáno apó skítsa í afairéseis.

Meaning In English – Lord Peter, and the martyrologic, aeolistic, ass-skulled Jack, who are more than thumb-nail sketches or abstractions.

Teaching In Greek Διδασκαλία (Didaskalía)

Sentence – Ασχολήθηκε με το Scherenschnitte ενώ δίδασκε μαθητές δημοτικού το 1953.

Read In English – Ascholíthike me to Scherenschnitte enó dídaske mathités dimotikoú to 1953.

Meaning In English – She became involved in Scherenschnitte while teaching elementary students in 1953.

Scripture In Greek Γραφή (Grafí)

Sentence – Πολλοί αγνοούν σχετικά με το ποια στοιχεία θα ικανοποιήσουν την αναζήτηση βεβαιότητας, παρά το γεγονός ότι είναι σαφές στη Γραφή.

Read In English – Polloí agnooún schetiká me to poia stoicheía tha ikanopoiísoun tin anazítisi vevaiótitas, pará to gegonós óti eínai safés sti Grafí.

Meaning In English – Many are ignorant concerning what evidence will satisfy the quest for assurance, despite the fact that it is clear in Scripture.

Coin In Greek Language Κέρμα (Kérma)

Sentence – Στον σιδηροδρομικό σταθμό της πόλης έχουν ήδη τοποθετηθεί μηχανήματα αυτόματης πώλησης νομισμάτων.

Read In English – Ston sidirodromikó stathmó tis pólis échoun ídi topothetitheí michanímata aftómatis pólisis nomismáton.

Meaning In English – Coin vending machines have already been installed at the City Railway Station.

Study up on words in the Greek language for the correct meaning

When you are ready to tackle the language of the Greeks, make sure that you have a good grasp of vocabulary. Without knowing the right words, you will not be able to communicate effectively. Take some time to study up on key words in the Greek language so that you can be sure to use them correctly.

One important word to know is “καλημέρα” (kalimera). This word means “good morning” and is used as a greeting. If you want to say “hello” or “good afternoon,” you can use the word “γεια” (ya). To say “thank you,” use the word “ευχαριστώ” (efharisto).Make sure that you also know how to say key numbers in Greek.

Get a grasp on the Greek language with these correct meanings

In order to Get a grasp on the Greek language, it is important to know the correct meanings of common words and phrases. The following is a list of eight words and phrases that are often used incorrectly.

  1. “I’m going out for a coffee” – This phrase is usually used to mean that someone is going out for a drink, but in Greece it actually means that they are going out for a coffee.
  1. “What’s up?” – This phrase is used to ask someone how they are doing, but in Greece it actually means “What’s wrong?”
  1. “I’m full” – Thisphrase is used to indicate that someone has eaten enough food, but in Greece it actually means “I’m stuffed.”
How to make sure you’re learning the correct meaning of words in Greek

When you’re learning a new language, it’s important to make sure you understand the meanings of words. Here are some tips to help you make sure you’re learning the correct meaning of words in Greek:

  1. Use a dictionary. Whenever you come across a new word, look it up in a dictionary to check its meaning. This will help ensure that you’re understanding the word correctly.
  1. Compare translations. When you’re reading a text in Greek, compare the translation with the original text to make sure that the meaning is accurate.
  1. Check with native speakers. If possible, check with native Greek speakers to verify the meanings of words. They can often provide helpful insights into words that may be difficult to translate accurately.

By following these tips, you can be confident that you’re learning the correct meanings of words in Greek.

Why it’s important to learn the correct meaning of words in Greek

When studying the Greek language, it is essential to learn the correct meaning of words. This is because Greek has many words that are similar in spelling and pronunciation, but have different meanings.

For example, the word καλός (kalos) can mean “good” or “beautiful”, depending on the context. If you were to say καλός πρωί (kalos proi), meaning “good morning”, but said καλός μπράβο (kalos mprovo), meaning “good evening”, it would be clear that you did not know the correct meaning of the word.

Conclusion Points

Once you have a basic understanding of the Greek alphabet, you can begin to learn how to pronounce words in the Greek language. In addition to learning the correct pronunciation of words, it is also important to learn the correct spelling of words.

In conclusion, this article provides helpful tips for learning the correct meaning of words in the Greek language. Leave a comment below if you have found this article helpful.

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